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Database Driven Oil Industry Software - Yesterday

by:Wingoil     2020-05-21
The idea of creating database driven oil industry software programs for use in exploration and production was introduced in the early 1990s. The Petrotechnical Open Software Corp's request for information in 1991 generated a great deal of positive feedback from major companies directly involved in drilling and refining, as well as a variety of support companies. Here's a look at what's available today. Telemetry Telemetry or telematics allows engineers, operators, designers and executives to monitor information from remote locations. The technology is used in a variety of different fields from agriculture and water management to law enforcement and space exploration. Telemetry oil industry software can be used to keep records, monitor drilling progress and to alert operators concerning the progress. It is found on some of the more advanced rigs, including the large platforms located in the Gulf of Mexico and off the coast of Newfoundland. The huge database created by the large companies can be used by smaller companies to improve performance and safety. Geo-seismic Interpretation Technology The use of reflection seismology is something like using sonar or echolocation. An above ground energy source, such as a specialized air gun or vibrator, is used to send seismic waves into the rocks below. The waves are 'reflected' back to the surface and measured using a seismogram or other device and the data is interpreted. The method has been used for many years with varying degrees of accuracy. In this case, inaccurate readings or inaccurate interpretation of the data results in drilling dry holes. The average cost to the company of drilling a dry hole was estimated to be $450,000 in 2006. New oil industry software released in early 2009 is expected to lower the probability of dry holes, thus reducing the overall cost of production. New technology allows for higher resolution, 3-D imaging and a reduction of background 'noise'. GPS Tracking By first creating a database that includes large items, such as tankers and other vehicles, GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking can be used to accurately estimate inventory and locate the inventory, when necessary. GPS is also being used to assist transportation teams, off and onshore. Different types of oil industry software make use of GPS, telemetry and geo-seismic interpretation. Smart business owners know that tapping into the latest technology will allow them to find and tap into the world's oil reserves faster, reduce their costs and increase their profits. Think what this kind of database design could do for your company.
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