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by:Wingoil     2020-04-29
From the opening of the time is getting close to the subway, tianjin metro line no. 6, have been trouble-free on the orbit trial run for a month, every day up trains 102, downward train 104 columns, departure intervals of about 10 minutes, a day for a total of 206 grid columns. Then how the subway ticket fare collection (afc) system, anchorman machine to the end will be what kind of test? The subway as a daily means of transport, on the ticket, the ticket gate machine testing must be carried out by large passenger flow test. Automatic machines and anchorman machine is passengers using zui frequent equipment, to check whether the device can withstand the test of circuit opening large passenger flow, the subway staff is an important content in the work of automatic machines and the anchorman machine for continuous ticketing, in and out of the station test, namely 'stress tests'. 'The company for each of the subway station is equipped with 1000 tickets to test and 1000 yuan denomination bills, continuous tickets by two attendants, in and out of the station, per person a day to test a vending machine and a set of anchorman machine. 'The red flag south road subway station station is introduced, the station is equipped with automatic machines, 19 to 23 anchorman machines, in order to ensure the normal operation of opening, in accordance with the above all the machines needed to continuous operation ten days to finish all the tests. It is by such a boring boring test one by one and truly guarantee the anchorman machine, after the subway ticket machine high performance operation. To morrow northwest of each gate are also through layer upon layer of inspection to the factory, 15 years always adhere to high quality, casting to morrow northwest of good reputation, such as with brake machine needs to welcome you.
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