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Fastest Inc - Making Pressure Testing Faster

by:Wingoil     2020-05-29
Fastest Inc. rapid connection tools are one of the best kept secrets in the industry. These unique connection tools have been around for over twenty five years, but very few people are aware of them and even fewer people understand how much time and money they can save by implementing them into their pressure testing, leak testing, filling, flushing, and pressure calibration processes. Virtually every product manufactured needs to be tested for leaks. A faulty product which makes it to the customer can cause huge problems for the manufacturer. If they are lucky, a faulty product will only result in an unhappy customer and the loss of dollars to fix the problem. If the manufactured item is critical, the outcome may be much worse. Fastest Inc. manufactures rapid connectors commonly referred to as pressure test fittings. They are designed to create a temporary seal on virtually any profile which includes threads, flares, tube end forms, plastic parts, tubing, valves, Male Luer fittings and many others. The primary value of the product is that it can be attached to the part being tested without the use of wrenches, tools, thread sealants, or Teflon tape. The standard product offering is rated to 5000 PSI while many connectors are rated to 10,000 PSI. The connectors will improve test set up and dis-assembly time tenfold. They also offer the added benefit of reducing worker fatigue and virtually eliminating repetitive motion injuries commonly associated with testing products in high volume. One of my customers indicated that a single repetitive motion case brought by an employee could cost the company well over a million dollars! We have used Fastest Inc. connection products for over twenty years and have solved literally hundreds of test stand and process bottlenecks over the years. Below, I have listed a few of the most common applications that can be satisfied with the product. Gauge Testing - Manufacturers and users alike must calibrate their gauges to ensure accuracy and reliability. Fastest Inc. offers an excellent line of pressure Calibration Connection Tools for this job. Leakage Valve - From ball valves to check valves to air valves to hydraulic valves, every single manufacturer must leak test their valves prior to shipment. Fastest has the answer with a multitude of products designed to cut this task down to size. Fitting JIC - JIC or AN style fittings are very prevalent in the aircraft industry but they can be very time consuming to connect to for the purpose of performing a pressure test. Two wrenches are required, one to hold the jam nut and the second to tighten the swivel portion. Manufacturers which use these types of fittings are very concerned about thread damage or seat damage during the pressure test phase of their quality process. Fastest Inc. has designed a special series of connectors for Fitting JIC sizes from -4 through -12. Coupling Quick - The ability to attach rapidly to quick disconnect fittings, hose couplings, hose barbs, sanitary fittings, and hydraulic adapters is paramount to those manufacturers which produce and need to test these items. We have used the Fastest Inc. Series 60 and Series 70 connectors to make the connection and testing process simple and straight forward for these manufacturers and their test stand operators. Fitting flare Flare style fittings are used in so many industries and they can often be difficult to connect to and seal without using the mating fitting nut. The problem when using the mating nut is the potential to damage the threads, score the flare, or damage the nut seat can be very high. In order to avoid this, we have successfully used the Fastest MET and MIT series connectors to seal these types of fittings. The MET and MIT series connectors use an o-ring interface and over sized threads in order to completely remove the possibility of damaging the flare when connecting to the fitting for pressure or flow testing.
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