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For your detailed interpretation oYYZsb1000kN covers related knowledge and the details of the pressure testing machine, the general of a ball screw, trapezoidal screw, wire

by:Wingoil     2020-03-13
7, the test speed machine tool market in some is 10 ~ 500 mm/min, there is zero. 001 ~ 500 mm/min, the former general use normal speed control system, lower cost, coarse accuracy; How much money the latter using servo system, noble, high precision, on soft package enterprises, selection of servo system, the speed of category 1 ~ 500 mm/min is enough, and that neither affect accuracy, and how much is reasonable. Gray pensu processing by computer, the adornment of the host shell modelling beautiful generous, absorb advanced international testing machine control technology, realize the constant displacement control constant force control constant strain control, with functions of any test point set and maintain. 8, the precision of measurement precision problem, everything, force measurement speed deformation accuracy, precision, accuracy of displacement. Those who can reach high precision value, plus or minus 0. 5. But the general factory, reach 1% accuracy is enough. Tensile testing machine is suitable for the petrochemical waterproof coil wire and cable metal adhesive pipe profile rubber textile fiber ceramic manufacturing wood paper, food and pharmaceutical packaging geotextile film as well as product quality supervision departments at all levels, at the same time also applies to colleges teaching demonstration work. Looking for precision is 1) Main body of the initial alignment; 2) Tensile testing machine precision alignment. Anchor nut after watering the solid, is the cement before boring, banning fastening anchor nut and to start the machine. ( Generally a lot in 10 - cement boring time 15 days) After being completely dry cement, fastening freight nut, for the dismantling of precision of the machine stop check, can take alignment precision. If you don't fit should be looking for is from the beginning. Oil and gas industry standards. Tensile testing machine is in use process, due to the vibration test are prone to loose phenomenon, so the tensile testing machine use after a period of time, the parts should be tighten. This set of system on the control requirement for the motor is higher, the normal work requirement when motor under low speed running, and keep the motor torque equilibrium, when the work is done with the high speed back to the origin. Control system in one, a raid on a regular basis after the control device build panel wire can contact is good, if there are any loose, should be tighten. Tensile fixtures according to power by pneumatic clamp and manual in general. Pneumatic clamping acceptance of compressed air as power source, to accept appropriate air pressure to press the splint, need to adjust the air pressure according to the difference of material properties, to prevent slip or mutilate specimen. Manual jig acceptance manual tightening, able to adjust the clamping force is very sensitive, but the manipulation process trival, efficiency is low. Second, after the test if there is a long time not machinery, closed control apparatus and computer; Three, build on the interface for each corresponding, insert the wrong interface might damage for machine tools. Start test, and then recorded object machine shows strength value, and willing to take the difference between the scale weight farmar, error should be no more than %, if show the error is bigger, should be there is something wrong with the sensor, the test force values of the software reset again to stop testing again and again. Four, plug control made the interface on the necessary closed control device power supply. Five, according to the situation of the use of machinery and oil, the use of the term, on a regular basis to change oil suction filter and filter, change the hydraulic oil, regularly raided the host has oil and oil source can place, oil leakage is found, should be timely change seal or combination of pad. Insulating clapboard and insulation cover insulation plate and insulation cover only allow voltage electric machine tool is kV and below, and should have enough insulation strength and machine equipment. Used for kV voltage grade, the thickness of the insulation plate should not be less than mm, used for kV voltage class should not be less than the mm. Field charged settle insulating clapboard and insulation cover, insulating gloves should be worn to use insulation lever, insulation rope should be fixed need when available. Item 1 of choose and buy, should first consider the need to test the difference of material tensile category category, the difference of resolution by using sensors, also resolution tensile machine structure, but the impact on how much money is not big, Except for gantry) 。 About general soft bag consumption manufacturer, pull category are 100 Newton's had enough. And therefore the resolution will be able to accept single arm type. Take a single arm type is a type of corresponding structure construction, it is adapt to the bigger than force pulling force, like a or above. So soft bag factory doesn't have to. 2, the problem of test schedule according to the soft bag need to test the function and requirements of film, is 600 - 1500 mm will be able to. The material elongation go beyond 1000% can choose 1000 or 1200 mm. Due to accept as a calibration cylinder driving element, drive the pendulum block to stop work to do, this implementation example of cross section measurement machine has high reliability requirements, maintenance simple, installing and dismantling moving do frequency is very high, good force performance, easy to implement requirements activities trajectory and short transmission chain, move fast and easy to regulate the speed of strengths. 3, configuration scale intelligent three basic configuration: host, microcomputer and printer, if the microcomputer strong function can indirectly to print. Other can also be equipped with an ordinary computer. Have a computer, will be able to stop after pure data, such as data compilation, part of the amplifier, adjustable statement form, stop the statistical exposition of group style. Such as with computer, manufacturers should give to the corresponding control system. Elongation is the tensile testing machine aspect to consider. Tensile testing machine with the displacement measurement system is only measurement tensile testing machine weigh the move of the interval. Some trials on elongation requirements higher than strength, elongation and tensile testing machine is the must can do it well. Billiton bo tensile testing machine in the market on the one hand is XXL countries known for selling goods. Recognition by consumers. 4, the setting output test results from the fruit output results: any full value, elongation, tensile strength, concentration elongation strength, yield strength, elongation, elastic modulus, eight big test force. To say that microcomputer control, the output of the comprehensive results. Some manufacturers to sell goods abroad, generally can output the eight. Some manufacturer can output 5 - at home Six, some manufacturer can only output full value, value, three small values. Common rockwell hardness gauge is A, B, C three ( HRAHRBHRC) 。 5, can do is try to project on soft package for multi-use of pull machine, which is equipped with difference between the warp and woof of jig, to do tensile, compression, bend, tear, shear stripping, 180 degrees, 90 degrees peel test. There are some high-grade tensile machine in addition to the above project, because of its high precision sensors ( Some reach one over three hundred and fifty thousand) Can also test the coefficient of friction. Centralized purchasing is to point to, purchase will focus on new product engineering projects such as centralized purchasing directory for procurement, for example, tension tester, if by the various departments to batch purchase, price, cost, there is no advantage, on the other hand, the plan of the procurement plan, all departments together to discuss the similar product, often can get a lower price, also will be better in terms of service. 6, to sell goods machine equipment configuration first drive, has the lead screw transmission and rack driving, the former nobility, used for high precision, high test repeatability; The latter self-control, used for low accuracy, low test repeatability. Screw, have resolution to tension measurement precision influence. 。 According to the claim or axle machine, its characteristics is described by stent motor drive ( ) And the drive gear ( ) The connection; Adhering to the traditional, continuous innovation, the technical implementation, and building brand with quality. Company brings together the talents of numerous testing machine industry, with excellent r &d team, experienced production technology elite and professional after-sales service team.
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