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High Pressure Test Unit, High Pressure Test Units

by:Wingoil     2020-09-18

Our diesel-, air-, and electrical-driven pressure test units can be found in multiple configurations and can be found in variations which might be compliant with completely different regulatory necessities encountered across the globe. We offer a number of configurations and variations of our diesel-, air-, and electric-driven strain take a look at units that are compliant with regulations encountered worldwide. Thanks to the financial capital provided by our investors, we're capable of continue growing revolutionary merchandise and solutions to the oil and gasoline trade that lead a safer, more environmentally pleasant future. The desk beneath supplies the working stress ranking for Internal threaded finish and outlet connections on API Spec 6A equipment.

During the drilling and completion part, the outer aspect shops of the wellhead uncovered to the stay annulus shall have Manually operated facet outlet valves. All equipment shall maintain the low strain check for 10 minutes and the excessive stress take a look at for 10 minutes. Pressure tests on the ram type preventers, other BOP gear, wellhead elements and their connections in general shall be made consistent with API RP 53, however see Drilling Programme for the minimum required check pressures. The portable DARTT Recorder will only cross a leak test as soon as the hydrostatic efficiency commonplace has been met offering the asset owner assurance of compliance.

If the BOP has been strain and function tested on the stump, or if a brand new spool has been installed, only the brand new connections want testing. The annular preventer shall be strain-examined to maximum 70% of its rated working pressure unless specified differently within the Drilling Programme, after which solely when closed across the pipe.

The pressure gauge should be mounted in the same orientation (vertical or horizontal) as within the process. To contact our global headquarters please use the knowledge beneath. For extra information on our tools, providers, or business expertise, please visit the appropriate web page on our website. To get the most recent updates from CLIMAX, we invite you to subscribe to our e-newsletter. Closed in casing head pressure arising from the casing being utterly evacuated to hydrocarbon gasoline from deepest section TD using the pore stress gradient standards.

API Spec 16A does require a hydrostatic test for studded adapters and clamps. This test process additionally applies to any API Spec 6A and 16A tools that has skilled weld restore and stress reduction on the body or strain containing parts. The supply strain can be adjusted until the system under test is studying a nominal strain or until the reference gauge reads the nominal strain.

In the case of liners, the check strain immediately after bump mustn't exceed 1500 psi until specifically authorised in the drilling programme. The check stress shall be restricted by the inner yield (burst) pressure of the casing (or coupling, if lower) and/or the maximum collapse stress of the cementing plugs. The effects of differential pressure resulting from a distinction within the fluid level and/or a distinction in mud density in the casing and annulus shall be considered when establishing the interior test pressure. Newly put in casing strings shall be stress examined to pressures as given in the Drilling Programme. The check pressures will depend upon the reservoir and the well location (onshore/offshore).

The following desk offers a guide to test pressures for API Spec 6A gear with specific working strain scores. API Spec 16A test pressures equal the pressures on this desk except for those working pressures marked with a double asterisk. API Spec 6A does not require a hydrostatic pressure test for free connectors, such as blind flanges and studded adapters.

Ideally, this ought to be carried out instantly as soon as the cement slurry is in place (i.e. immediately after bumping the top plug) to forestall the formation of a micro-annuli. The results of all pressure checks shall be recorded on the Test Sheet for Blowout Preventers and Related Equipment.
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