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Oilfield Protective Coatings For Downhole Tools

by:Wingoil     2020-08-20

Pressure equipment must be rated to properly over the anticipated nicely pressures. Normal rankings for wireline stress equipment is 5,000, 10,000, and 15,000 pounds per sq. inch. Some wells are contained with 20,000 psi and 30,000 psi equipment is in growth also. A cased hole gamma perforator is used to carry out mechanical services, corresponding to taking pictures perforations, setting downhole tubing/casing elements, dumping remedial cement, tracer surveys, and so on.

The measurements are made by initially decreasing sonde utilizing the wireline to the prescribed depth and then recorded while elevating it out of the properly. The sonde responses are recorded repeatedly on the way up creating a so-referred to as 'log' of the instrument responses. The rigidity on the line assures that the depth measurement can be corrected for elastic stretch of the wireline.

This action prevents the instruments from falling downhole should the road pull out of the rope socket. If the wireline had been to turn out to be severed from the tool, a ball examine valve can seal the nicely off from the surface. During wireline operations, a steel ball sits to the aspect of a confined area within the grease head while the cable runs in and out of the opening. If the wireline exits that confined space underneath pressure, the strain will drive the metal ball up in the direction of the outlet the place the wireline had been.

The ball's diameter is bigger than that of the opening, so the ball effectively seals off strain to the floor. A fast check sub (QTS) is used when stress testing the strain control equipment (PCE) for repetitive operations. The PCE is pressure tested and then broke on the QTS afterwards to keep away from having to retest the complete string. The QTS has two O-rings where it was disconnected that can be tested with hydraulic pressure to substantiate the PCE can nonetheless hold the pressure it was examined to. The pressure control employed during wireline operations is meant to include pressure originating from the nicely bore.

They are used for gentle well building and properly upkeep activities as well as memory reliant subsurface knowledge gathering. Slickline work consists of mechanical providers such a gauge emplacement and restoration, subsurface valve manipulation, well bore cleansing and fishing.

None of those are constants, so the correction needs to be adjusted continuously between when beginning the logging operation to restoration to the reference point (often surface, or zero depth level, ZDP). Slickline is a clean single strand of wireline with diameters ranging form zero.082' to 1.25'. Slickline has no conductor (though there are specialized polymer coated slicklines and tubing encapsulated (TEC) slicklines).

A head catcher (additionally known as software catcher) is a tool positioned on the high of the lubricator part. Should the wireline instruments be forced into the top of the lubricator part, the top catcher, which appears like a small 'claw,' will clamp down on the fishing neck of the tool.

Typically, a gamma perforator may have some type of explosively initiated device attached to it, corresponding to a perforating gun, a setting tool, or a dump bailor. In sure instances, the gamma perforator is used to merely spot objects within the nicely, as in tubing conveyed perforating operations and tracer surveys. The logging device, also known as a sonde, is situated on the end of the wireline.

During open hole electrical line operations, the stress may be the result from a well kicking. During cased gap electric line, that is more than likely the result of a nicely producing at excessive pressures.
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