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President Obama Wants a Re-Boot With the Business

by:Wingoil     2020-07-06
Oh, so now our Teleprompter in Chief wants to create pro-business relations does he? Sure he does, he needs their support to survive the onslaught of anger against his policies and leadership. So, survival of course is up at the top of the Politicians political pyramid chart, I can see that. Question is does Obama deserve a re-boot, or does he just deserve to get the boot? I'll let you decide, after you read what I have to say. Recently, there was an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal recently, which was posted on November 17, 2010 titled; 'Obama's Overture to Business Gets Wary Reception From CEOs,' written by Elizabeth Williamson, Joann S. Lublin and Siobhan Hughes. The article stated in the first sentence; 'The Obama administration's effort to reboot its relationship with the business community ran into a tough crowd Tuesday.' Now then, please go read this article so you can follow along with my comments here today, and if you don't subscribe to the WSJ, you can online for around $100 per year - and you owe it to yourself to stay informed - yes, they deserve that plug, as they have expanded my realm of thought. Okay so, now I'd like to expand your thought for a moment on the ineffectualness of the Obama Administration if you have the time. You see, Obama said he wanted to re-boot relations with Russia, and well, he was unable to pull that off, and he said he wanted to re-boot several other things as well, you know such as the economy, NAFTA, free-trade, etc. Today, he says he wants to reboot his rocky relations with business, still, I ask why does he have a rocky relation with business in the first place? Could it possibly be that he stated it, failed to make good on his promises, drove the economy further into the abyss, and continues to trash on various industries at various times? You know like the Corporate Jet Industry, Oil Industry, Coal Industry, Airline Industry, Insurance Industry, Hospitality Industry - should I go on? And don't for a minute think I couldn't fill this page up line by line, with such. It's amazing, and the President claims to be pro-business? But his idea of pro-business is not supporting free-markets, rather corporate welfare in trade for political support and democrat war-chest funding for the next set of campaigns. That isn't really pro-business or pro-free-markets - I'd call it extortion tactics. Please consider all this.
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