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Rival Downhole Tools Secures Five

by:Wingoil     2020-08-07

Low stress, excessive temperature composite bridge plugApril, 2001Vargus et al. Well display having an inner alternate flowpathApril, 2001Jones et al. Additive for, therapy fluid for, and methodology of plugging a tubing/casing annulus in a well boreApril, 2001Burts, Jr.

Apparatus and technique offering alternate fluid flowpath for gravel pack completionFebruary, 2003Hurst et al. Well drilling and servicing fluids and strategies of removing filter cake deposited therebyDecember, 2002Todd Frac plug with caged ballDecember, 2002Berscheidt et al.

High temperature excessive pressure retrievable packer with barrel slipNovember, 2002Swor et al. Plate-kind heat exchanger for exhaust gas heat recoveryOctober, 2002Stansfield et al. Collapsing a multitube meeting and subsequent optical fiber drawing in the same furnaceOctober, 2002Dong et al.

Encapsulated chemical substances for use in controlled time launch purposes and methodsSeptember, 2002Reddy et al. Feed valve and reference stress enhancementSeptember, 2002Smith, Jr. et al. Methods and equipment for completing wells in unconsolidated subterranean zonesAugust, 2002Dusterhoft et al. Well drilling and servicing fluids and methods of eradicating filter cake deposited therebyJuly, 2002Todd et al.

Bright indium-metallized formable film laminateMay, 2003Fields et al. Plug and plug set to be used in wellboreMay, 2003Budde Encapsulated chemical compounds for use in controlled time launch functions and methodsApril, 2003Reddy et al.D473517Partition insertApril, 2003Overthun et al. Drill pipe explosive severing toolMarch, 2003Bell Methods and apparatus for forming a lateral wellboreMarch, 2003Haugen et al. Explosive system for casing damage repairMarch, 2003Patterson et al. Encapsulated chemicals for use in controlled time release applications and methodsMarch, 2003Reddy et al.

Three bus server architecture with a legacy PCI bus and mirrored I/O PCI busesJune, 2001Amdahl et al. System for increasing PCI bus loading capacityJune, 2001Henderson et al. Pre-drilled casing apparatus and related strategies for completing a subterranean wellMay, 2001Burleson et al.

Retrievable high pressure, high temperature packer equipment with anti-extrusion system and methodNovember, 2001Swor et al. Encapsulated breakers, compositions and strategies of useAugust, 2001Muir et al. Coiled tubing screen and method of well completionJuly, 2001Richard et al.

Triphenyl compounds as interleukin-four antagonistsApril, 2002Barr et al. Railroad brake pipe overcharge and separation detection systemApril, 2002Smith, Jr. et al. Plate kind warmth exchanger for exhaust gasoline heat recoveryMarch, 2002Stansfield et al. Degradation control of environmentally degradable disposable materialsNovember, 2001Bigg et al.

Track mechansim for guiding flexible straps round bundles of objectsJuly, 2002Helland et al. Apparatus and technique for removing a frangible rupture disc or different frangible system from a wellbore casingJune, 2002Streich et al. Product and course of for coating wellbore screensMay, 2002Constien Frac plug with caged ballMay, 2002Berscheidt et al. Compositions and processes for oil subject applicationsMay, 2002Moradi-Araghi et al. High temperature excessive strain retrievable packer with barrel slipApril, 2002Swor et al.
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