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Sabre Downhole Tools

by:Wingoil     2020-08-06

It doesn't create any differential stress, thus, causing no overpressure to mud pumps. Our drilling jar is a double appearing hydraulic jar designed for use throughout drilling operations to apply an intensified force against a caught portion of the drill string by jarring both up or down. The Hydrobur-service jar is designed to free a drilling tool caught in a hole by jarring against the stuck level.

Our tungsten carbide coating is free of micro-cracks and offers hard, dense protection to the rotor, allowing for future refurbishment with minimal base steel restore. We understand how critical put on and corrosion resistance is to the longevity of key drilling elements. And while chrome plating has been the coating mostly used to fight these issues, there’s a better method to meet your high efficiency necessities. Every day we work in direction of operational excellence, utilizing confirmed tools and methods to continually enhance our processes and obtain superior high quality management. Preparing your surface before coating and optimizing it after application are simply as essential as selecting the best formulation.

See the supplemental companies we provide to help you get the most out of your coatings. But at Praxair Surface Technologies, we don’t pressure normal choices. If we don’t have the proper answer on your operations, we’ll develop it. Our drilling shock device reduces direct impression on the drill bit, vibration in the BHA and harmonics in the drill string whereas drilling. Our patented Weight-on-Bit Tool is designed to ensure even axial load, to stop shock and vibration.

This flask is destined to deep, excessive-temperature fuel fields in the Middle East. Oilfields Supply Center Limited is the manufacturer of varied oilfield tools at its prestigious OSC-SIML facility in Dubai Industrial Park. Through a distribution settlement with Ardyne, OSC can sell a selection of their products direct to clients in predefined markets. Micro-cracks inherent to chrome plating weaken the mechanical properties of the plating, which results in corrosion and degradation when the base metal is exposed to drilling muds, particularly these with excessive chloride content material.

The simplest sensor configuration has the sensors placed outside of the vacuum flask (exposed to nicely bore temperature) with the related electronics housed throughout the vacuum flask (thermally protected from the properly bore temperature). Alternatively, the sensors can be protected with the flask together with the related electronics but requires a novel flask configuration to yield a minimal hole between the sensors and rotating shaft's sensor pickups. Our manufacturing group that has built and examined the world's largest downhole wireline flask ever made.
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