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Since its inception continuously research and development improvement, steady progress in the machine industry the pace of progress, to create their own professional brand. Testing machine for the first in the industry

by:Wingoil     2020-03-23
The machine for the microcomputer control automatic pressure testing machine, apply to the compression test under rated test force, can test materials such as cement, mortar, concrete compressive strength. 1, the machine adopts high precision sensors and digital control valve, microcomputer automatic control, automatic detection to break the shape. 2, all Chinese interface, simple operation, intuitive interface display: force value, peak and loading speed fluctuations, force and time curve, is currently the group which piece of block, such as time interval countdown display unit. 3, equipped with laboratory network database, if connected directly extracting the data from the database, without change, software or host part. 4, report format according to user requirements, design form, has special form template to write software, installed in the machine. 5, table provides artificial fill in the box, you can use the current test of external conditions embodied in the report. 6, random equipped with color HP printer, print A4 statements directly, and automatic storage. 7, the form of each block compressive curves, force value and the automatic conversion of MPa. 8, the machine without debugging, smooth, refueling, electricity work. 9, with simple calibration, calibration according to the instruction manual. Biggest test force 300 kn / 30 tons of test force of the relative error of plus or minus 1% or less loading rate of 0. Kn/S (3 ~ 10 kn/S loading velocity error 180 mm + / - 5% bending compression space compressive flexural piston stroke 60 mm compression space 180 mm compression piston stroke 0 80 mm motor power. 75 kw host oad ㎜ host 920 x 550 x 1400 mm 600 kg in weight
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