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The original title: reliability test stacking pressure test

by:Wingoil     2020-04-15
Stacking pressure test to validate in packaging state object under test, simulation in warehouse pallet or transport packaging are piled up, can withstand pressure strength level. Inspect product in a certain time of vertical extrusion under the protection of product performance under pressure. In the harsh and depends on the test pressure value, load, speed and stacking time. The kinds of stacking pressure test: a. Static compression simulation container stacking pallet, in a certain period of time, under fixed pressure, observe whether the carton deformation will affect the appearance of the internal product and electrical. b。 Dynamic compression, the compression rate of fixed, namely, per unit time of the fixed pressure, observe whether the deformation of the outer packing is beyond the limit of the requirement, so as to know material can withstand the pressure and record the load at this time. GBT 4857 reference standards. Three basic test part 3: the packing and shipping packaging are static load ISO 2234 packaging stacking test method. Full of transport packaging unit weight. GB/T4857 of stacking method of static load test. 4 packing transport a basic test part 4 using pressure testing machine to compressive and ISO 12048 packaging stacking test method. Full transport packaging. Using pressure testing machine test and container stacking test ASTM D642 test components compressive strength and unit load test
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