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Value of Enterprise Mobility Solutions in the

by:Wingoil     2020-05-08
Oil and Gas Industry: An Overview The oil and gas industry is a core driver of globalization and comprises of various operations such as oil/natural gas exploration, drilling for oil/ natural gas as well as refining and transporting crude oil and gas to create a wide range of petroleum products ranging from petrol to paraffin wax. Our society and way of life depends greatly on this highly regulated industry, which often comes under fire from environmental agencies due to its adverse environmental impact. In such conditions, new age mobility solutions play a crucial role in maintaining profitability, ensuring compliance and improving safety in the industry. Importance in Upstream Operations Mobility applications can play a crucial part in facilitating more accurate and swift environmental/asset audits for the industry. Such audits are critical for ensuring regulatory compliance as well as safety of working conditions within the industry. Additionally, solutions developed for vehicle management, tools and parts management as well as equipment maintenance is also critical for ensuring safe operations. Importance in Oilfield Operations Some of the available mobility solutions help companies streamline various operations in the oilfield, such as ordering and invoicing; tracking equipment/drill maintenance; as well as ensuring proper maintenance of various inspection records such as pipe coatings. These solutions are also invaluable during the construction/expansion of oilfields and pipelines as they streamline the supply chain and inventory handling procedures within the organization. Importance in Midstream Operations Midstream operations of an oil and gas company typically comprise of maintaining records of various readings collected during inspections as well as ensuring that such inspections are carried out at regular intervals. Apart from ensuring properly timed inspections and accuracy of inspection records, these solutions also play a key role in tracking well/pipe connections as well as facilitating adequate tools and parts management. Importance in Downstream Operations Majority of software applications utilized in downstream operations are designed to ensure regulatory compliance within the organization. Key operational areas for mobility in the downstream include inspections related to fire code, security and safety compliance; support for retooling and capacity expansions; as well as maintaining accurate records of refinery turnaround. These solutions also provide crucial support to pipeline and equipment maintenance services in the downstream operations of an oil and gas company. Future of Enterprise Mobility in the Oil and Gas Industry At present, all mobile applications developed by any leading Software Development Company focused on the oil and gas industry are designed to improve operational safety, provide superior compliance and simultaneously reduce turnaround times/cost of operations. By ensuring superior efficiency, flexibility and effectiveness of operations, these solutions help the oil and gas industry improve their margins even in the face of economic uncertainty. Such solutions are expected to gain further importance in the near future with continued depletion of traditional oil reserves, the introduction of more capital intensive oil drilling techniques as well as continued implementation of stringent security and compliance protocols. As available technologies capable of facilitating mobility develop, new focus areas are projected to emerge, which would further drive implementation of these solutions within the oil and gas industry.
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