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Why You Should Consider a Career in the Oil Industry

by:Wingoil     2020-05-24
Not everyone is suited to a standard, nine to five office job. For those who prefer the satisfaction of physical labour, the options may be limited to industries such as construction, agriculture or other jobs where good keyboard skills are not a necessity. But if you enjoy teamwork, challenges and are prepared to put 100% effort into everything you do, then perhaps you should consider a career in the oil industry. Despite a tough economic climate and a general downturn in the world economy over the past 12 months, the oil industry has proved to be remarkably resilient to the whims and fluctuations of the financial markets. Due to a policy of maintaining levels of production and actually increasing spending rather than cutting back, the oil companies have managed to ride the economic storm very successfully and maintain a level of stability that has been the envy of many other industries. A report from the World Offshore Drilling Forecast has suggested that the amount of rig spending will increase in the next three years, with drilling exploration set to expand by a further 7%. That can only mean one thing - a lot more job opportunities. New rigs means new employment, in every area from drilling to a full range of oil and gas jobs for both experienced workers and those new to the industry. With market reports forecasting an increase in spending within the oil industry of over 30% in the next few years, the pace doesn't seem to show any signs of slowing just yet. This means that even those joining the industry at entry level positions such as Roustabouts have the opportunity to develop their careers in an environment that offers continual advancement through the ranks. Roustabout jobs require no formal qualifications, but after a couple of years those with the drive, determination and initiative can move up to more skilled oil jobs such as drilling. The pay is excellent and because the industry is an international operation, there are plenty of opportunities to see the world as part of a close knit team. There is no denying that both oil jobs and gas jobs on rigs involve hard, physical labour, but there are other positions available for those who are not quite so 'rugged'. Oil exploration covers a multitude of disciplines, and those with qualifications in engineering or even geology can find highly paid employment within the oil industry as part of the 'back room' team. Again, the chance to work almost anywhere in the world - from Alaska to the Indian Ocean - is a big draw for many people looking for a career without boundaries. So if you're bored with just another nine to five job or want to move into a career that constantly challenges you, consider a job in the oil and gas industry. Yes, it's hard work, but the rewards are a job where every day is different, there is plenty of opportunity for career advancement and very good rates of pay and travel opportunities. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, why not take the initiative and break the old routine with a career move into the oil and gas industry?
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