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Pressure Testing Services

by:Wingoil     2020-08-13

Barton Chart Recorders are the trade standard for accurate, reliable measurement and recording of stress, differential stress, and temperature in a wide variety of functions. Since over 20 years, we offer hydrostatic testing options as much as 14,000bars/200,000psi. The unit is mounted within a weather-resistant container certified in accordance with DNV 2.7-1 and BS EN12079. All controls, reels, and tanks are mounted inside the container behind secure, lockable doors.

The static stress system consists of a helical bourdon tube linked to a piping system, and measure the static pressure. Pressure gauges are relatively cheap mechanical devices that, for essentially the most half, are read manually. Hydro-Test Products takes satisfaction in with the ability to offer the cylinder trade with all of the equipment wanted to properly fill and re-qualify cylinders to U.S. Our products have combined time confirmed reliability with ease of use to fulfill clients worldwide for over forty years.

Our cylinder re-qualification coaching courses are provided in a wide range of ways; from on website at your facility to our innovative on-line program – you can see the cylinder training course to fulfill your wants. HP can even provide all the related equipment, including stand-mounted or integrated chart recorders and excessive stress hose assemblies. We place cookies on your computer to recollect your settings and perceive how individuals use our web site. 6 nozzles (M ) and 1 automated valve for emptying the cylinders with compressed air. The frame with the clamp arms is adjustable in top by means of a crank.

Complete with copper tube, motor protector, control panel with begin and stop. Stainless metal water catch tray with lid, to collect water from the 6- cylinder inverter and to be linked to the water filling pump. - high-stress stainless-steel tube for connection to the pressure-testing pump. To allow inside inspection of the fuel cylinder after valve removal, and turning to one hundred eighty° position for emptying or draining from any foreign substances. VALVING MACHINE FOR GAS CYLINDERS full with helical geared electrical motor, telescopic shaft, standard valve wrench (M ).

Complete with compressed air thrust cylinder and actuator for clamping. The compressed air cylinder is a single-acting one and doesn't require any piston-rod seal, thus there is no danger of leakage. If a compressed air hose or pipe bursts the cylinders are prevented from being launched by pneumatic blockers on the compressed-air cylinders. The valve is quickly interchangeable and it is not attainable to run the pump without any valve linked.
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